Stainless Steel Rolling Pin

Just some of the benefits of using our new stainless steel rolling pin

Uneven rising is a thing of the past! Achieve consistently smooth dough every time with our perfectly smooth, non-porous, stainless steel, straight rolling pin.

No handles! Our straight/rod style rolling pin gives you better control and requires less exertion/force, resulting in a nice smooth roll and putting you in control of the thickness.

At a generous 15 ¾ inches (40cm), easily roll out enough pasta or pizza dough to feed your whole family.

For even better results, especially for pastry, try chilling the rolling pin in the fridge or freezer before using.

Easy maintenance! Made from top quality stainless steel, your new rolling pin never needs oiling like wooden ones do and wash-up is a breeze…..simply hand wash or pop it in the dishwasher!

Checkered Chef Stainless Steel Roling Pin

Checkered Chef Stainless Steel Rolling Pin

Roll out some pastry

perfect for pastry

Make pizza like a pro

Make pizza like a pro

Roll like a professional!

With so many advantages it's not surprising that stainless steel rolling pins are the top choice for most professional bakers.

Produce consistently smooth dough every time - the secret?
Our stainless steel rolling pins can be chilled in the fridge or freezer prior to using. Cooling the rolling pin helps to prevent butter in the dough from separating and gives better dough release.
The result? Nice, even, consistent dough with minimal tearing and patching and a uniform rise.
Designed with a hollow core to not only prevent transfer of heat from hands, but also to make the rolling pin light enough to use without squashing the dough, so you can easily create the perfect thickness for biscuits, pastries, pie crusts and pizzas.

No space wasted with handles!

Perfectly smooth, non-porous rod design means every inch is a roller, allowing you to work with more dough and roll it to any shape and thickness you desire.

At a generous 15 3/4 inches, you'll easily be able to roll out pizza dough large enough to feed your whole family!

Easy care with no oiling or special maintenance required.
Wash up is a breeze - the non-stick, smooth surface simply wipes clean in the sink, or, you can put it in the dishwasher! You can't do that with a wooden pin!

Rolling Pin

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