Silicone Utensil Set

The complete cooking utensil set -  perfect for novices and seasoned chefs alike.  Five piece silicone set includes slotted spoon, turner, spoon, skimmer and soup ladle - every cooking tool you’ll need for your kitchen.  Each tool measures 13 inches long making them just the right size for stirring, scooping and flipping.

Sick of cheap, flimsy cooking utensils with handles that bend too easily?  Checkered Chef Silicone Utensils combine the strength of nylon with the supreme heat resistance and non scratch properties of silicone.  The nylon core extends through the entire handle and head of each utensil giving them the backbone while the premium non-stick silicone coating protects your expensive cookware from marks and scratches.

No nasty smell!  Cheap silicone sets are sometimes known to give off bad odors or even melt when heated - not much use for a cooking utensil!  Checkered Chef uses quality food grade black silicone to ensure your dinner never tastes or smells like melted plastic.

Heat resistant to 480 degrees.  This means you can stir, scoop and flip with confidence knowing that your utensils will not melt. No need for a spoon rest - try leaving your spoon in the pot for frequent stirring, it won’t melt or even get too hot to hold like metal utensils do.

No where for germs to hide!  Checkered Chef Silicone Utensils are completely coated in seamless silicone with no joins or gaps for germs and bacteria to hide, making them safe and hygienic for every kitchen.  Clean up couldn’t be easier - due to the non-stick properties of silicone, mess will just wash right off, or, you can pop them in the dishwasher.

Checkered Chef Silicone Utensil Set

Checkered Chef Silicone Utensil Set

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Your search is over!  You have finally found the ultimate set of silicone cooking utensils.

Imagine being able to cook comfortably, safe in the knowledge that your tools won’t melt or smell even if you leave your stirring spoon resting in the pan.  That’s exactly what you’ll be able to do as soon as you receive this remarkable set because the full coating of silicone means there is no plastic handle to melt.  Also, due to the amazing heat resistant properties of silicone, you’ll always be able to pick up your spoon without the fear of burning yourself like you might do using metal utensils.

Everyone knows that using silicone utensils is the best way to protect your expensive non-stick cookware.  But, not all silicone utensils are the same!  Some are weak and flimsy, some are much too small with short handles and some give off a dreadful smell or even melt when heated!  Checkered Chef Silicone Utensil Set is the set you have been waiting for - top quality food grade silicone combined with the strength and durability of a nylon core.  Our hygienic one piece seamless design comes in classic solid black color to provide perfect stain resistance meaning you’ll get years of use without worrying about spaghetti sauce or turmeric staining and ruining the look of your utensils.

Our five piece silicone set includes a slotted spoon, turner, spoon, skimmer and soup ladle - every cooking tool you’ll need for your kitchen.  Each utensil is equipped with a hanging hole so you can hang them somewhere handy or store them neatly in a drawer.  Measuring 13 inches in length these tools are just the right size for stirring, scooping and flipping with ease and, when you’re done, clean up is just as easy because the entire set is dishwasher safe!

From beginners to professionals, every cook needs a set like this.

Silicone Utensil Set

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