Silicone Spatula Set

  • Perfect for baking, cooking, stirring, scraping and spreading, this 2 piece set of spatulas is what every home baker need.
  • Extra long handles so you never get cake batter all over your fingers again! The purple spatula measures 33cm long while the red spatula is 34cm long.

  • Never scratch your non stick cookware again! Use the purple, knife-like spatula to cut cakes and slices right in the pan without leaving marks and scratches.

  • Easy to store and clean! Both spatulas have holes in the handle so you can conveniently hang them or store them in a utensil holder or drawer. And they're both dishwasher safe - making clean up a breeze!

  • Whether for icing a cake, scraping down the sides of your electric mixer bowl while mixing, or for making sure you get every last bit of batter from your mixing bowl, this twin pack of silicone spatulas is a great addition for every kitchen.

Silicone Spatula Set

Silicone Spatula Set

Silicone Spatulas

The Perfect Silicone Spatula Set For Home Bakers

Featuring two baking spatulas with long, rubber handles and flexible silicone heads, this twin pack of spatulas is just what every home cook and home baker needs.

The purple spatula measures 33 cm long and 5 cm wide. Its knife like shape makes it perfect for cutting a cake or slice without scratching your nonstick pans and also great for spreading icing or frosting over tall cakes.

The red spatula measures 34 cm long and is 7 cm wide at the widest part of the head, tapering off towards the tip of the spatula. Perfect for scraping the sides of your mixing bowl as your mixer does its work and for making sure every last scrap of mixture or dough is scraped out of your mixing bowl.

For mixing, baking, stirring and scraping, every kitchen needs a set of these silicone spatulas, get yours now.

Silicone Spatula Set

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