Silicone Pastry Mat

  • Non slip! Grips your counter, but not your food! Roll and knead your dough without it sticking to the mat - the mat grips your bench without slipping and sliding.
  • Not just for rolling and kneading - you can also bake on it! Able to safely withstand temperatures of up to 230℃/450℉, the perfect silicone baking mat.
  • Measuring 23 ¾ x 16 inches, this large silicone pastry mat with measurements gives you plenty of room to knead bread and pasta dough and roll out cookie dough, pizza and pie crusts. Handy measurements on the mat ensure you’ll always make the perfect size!
  • Stays Flat! Rolls up for easy storage but then easily unrolls and lies flat - with no annoying corners lifting!
  • Keep your countertop clean! For easy clean up make your baking mess on the non slip, non stick silicone mat - it's even dishwasher safe!

Silicone Pastry Mat

Silicone Pastry Mat

Pasta Mat



Cookie Rolling Mat

Baking Just Got Easier!

Introducing the new Checkered Chef Silicone Pastry Mat - the easy way to roll out your dough!

Make your life easier in the kitchen with this new pastry mat. Perfect for kneading bread dough, making homemade pasta and rolling out cookie dough, pizza and pie crust - if you knead it or roll it, this mat is perfect for it!

The 100% Food Grade Platinum Silicone ensures that this dough mat sticks to your bench top (so you’ll never have to worry about your dough slipping and sliding again) while it remains a non stick surface for your pastry and dough, so you can easily lift off your creations ready for baking. Or, if you prefer, because the baking mat is able to withstand temperatures of up to 230℃/450℉, you can even bake your goodies right on the mat! Once you’ve rolled, shaped, created your masterpiece, simply lift the mat onto an extra large baking tray and place it in the oven - the mat will act as a nonstick/reusable piece of baking/parchment paper so your treats will lift straight off when baked.

Handy measurements are printed on the mat (in both inches and centimetres) so you’ll always be able to shape your baked goods to just the right size. Also printed on the mat are a temperature conversion guide and a table of measurement conversions - both there to make baking just that little bit easier!

Easy to store and clean! Dough, flour, pastry will easily wipe off in warm soapy water, or, you can wash the pastry mat in the dishwasher! When clean and dry simply roll up and store in a drawer or cupboard but rest assured that when you unroll your pastry mat again, it will unroll fully and lie flat on your counter without any annoying lifting edges or corners to get in your way.

The perfect pastry mat for rolling dough, which doubles as a silicone baking mat, start making your baking just that little bit easier by buying this amazing pastry mat today!

Pastry Mat

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