Premium Pizza Cutter and Board

  • You’ve never cut up a pizza this easily! The super sharp blade is designed for heavy use with little effort - in four simple cuts you’ve got eight perfect slices of pizza. No more arguments about who got the biggest slice! Follow the guides on the board to get 8 identical pieces.
  • Never lose your pizza topping again - Checkered Chef’s top rated rocker style pizza cutter slices through with ease without pushing toppings off like roller cutters do.  It also comes with our uniquely designed protective cover to protect the blade (and your fingers) while not in use.
  • No more scratching up your metal pans and pizza trays, simply transfer your pizza to the board before you cut.  The grooves in the board guide your pizza cutter for perfect, even slices and the wooden surface is kind to the blade keeping it sharper for longer.
  • Versatile! The possibilities are endless for your new pizza cutter, from cutting herbs to slicing up bars and brownies, you’ll find so many uses.  Meanwhile the pizza board is not just for pizzas - the reversible design gives you one side with pizza grooves while the other side is flat - use it like any other round cutting board - great for cheese platters.
  • Two pizza accessories box packaged securely together, this set would make an excellent gift for any home cook or pizza lover.

Pizza Cutter and Board

Premium Pizza Cutter and Board

Great for Pie


Pizza Cutter and Cutting Board

Perfect For Pizza

Great News For Pizza Lovers!

Checkered Chef’s top rated, premium pizza cutter now comes in a set with our new pizza cutting board - don’t cut your pizza without them!

Much easier than cutting in the pan. Simply transfer your pizza to the cutting board before you cut - the wooden surface is kind to the blade keeping your pizza cutter sharper for longer and there’ll be no more scratches on your pans and trays!
More than just a pizza board - the reversible design of the Checkered Chef Pizza Cutting Board gives you two boards in one. One side has the pre-cut grooves to guide your pizza cutter giving you 8 even slices - no more arguing over who gets the biggest slice!
Flip the board over and you’ve got a smooth, flat cutting surface. Use the flat side just like any other round cutting board - cut your pizza freestyle, cut bread, fruits, vegetables, or use it as a large cheese board.

The Premium Pizza Cutter (also sold separately) comes very highly rated (check out the reviews) and makes pizza cutting a breeze. The uniquely designed cover protects the blade, and your fingers, for safer storage, while the stainless steel construction makes it easy to clean - it’s dishwasher safe!
The cutting board is crafted from sustainable rubber-wood - simply hand wash or wipe clean after each use - not suitable for use in the dishwasher.

So, if you’re ready to cut the perfect pizza, or in need of a gift for a pizza lover, grab one of these sets today.

Pizza Cutter and Board

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