Pizza Trays

  • Get that crispy finish on your pizza crust with these perforated, ventilated pizza pans with holes.

  • Twin pack of pizza trays includes 2 round pans of 32cm diameter - perfect for making 12 inch pizzas at home.

  • Strong, sturdy and built to last, these pizza trays are made from iron steel, perforated for perfect ventilation and coated with non stick coating so your pizzas never get stuck to the pan.

  • Oven safe to 230 degrees, these pans are great for use in your home oven, pizza oven, BBQ or grill.

  • Homemade pizza has never been easier or tastier! Whether you're reheating leftovers, cooking a frozen pizza or making your own pizza dough from scratch, these pizza pans will be a handy addition to your kitchen.

Pizza Trays

Pizza Trays

Oven Pizza Trays Nonstick Pizza Trays

The Perfect Pizza Trays For Homemade Pizza!

Constructed from iron steel with a nonstick coating (so your pizzas never get stuck to the tray again) these pizza pans are built to last and withstand years of use in your kitchen.

Specially designed to allow airflow for that crispy pizza base, these trays are equipped with ventilation holes to allow good air circulation while baking pizza.

The set includes 2 pizza trays each with a diameter of 32cm, which is a little over 12 inches in the old scale, so they're great for making 12 inch pizzas.

Not just for pizzas - use these round, circular baking trays to bake anything that would benefit from the extra airflow allowed by the slotted holes - you'll love the crispier finish these pans will give your food.

So, whether you'll use them to reheat leftover pizza, cook a frozen pizza or to make homemade pizzas from scratch, these pizza trays will be a great addition to your pizza bakeware. Grab your set of 2 pizza trays today.

Pizza Trays

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