Pizza Cutter Wheel

  • Cut your pizza with ease! Whatever you like on your pizza - meat lovers, hawaiian or extra cheese for the topping, be it a thin crust, thick crust or a stuffed crust, whatever the size of your pizza, this pizza wheel cutter will be able to slice it in seconds!

  • Blade protector included. Protect your pizza cutter blade while it’s stored in the drawer with the free plastic cover included. Safer for your fingers too!

  • Cut anywhere - whether it’s in the pan (for a deep dish pizza), in a serving box or on a pizza cutting board, this pizza cutting wheel is made for the job.

  • The long, ergonomically designed handle is easy and comfortable to grip and will help you to guide the wheel smoothly and swiftly through your pizza giving you perfect pizza slices every time.

  • Easy to use and care for! The stainless steel wheel of the pizza cutter is sharp, so store it in its cover when not in use. Dishwasher safe.

Pizza Cutter Wheel

Pizza Cutter Wheel

Rolling Pizza Slicer

Cutting Some Pizza

Pizza Cutter Wheel with Plastic Blade Cover

Plastic Cover For Save Storage

The Best Pizza Cutter Wheel

If there’s no room in your kitchen for a pizza cutter rocker, you need a pizza cutter wheel in your life.

A knife is no match for a pizza cutter wheel - you’ll find a rolling pizza cutter slices your pizza much more quickly, easily and neatly than any ordinary kitchen knife.

Easily able to fit into your kitchen drawer so you can pull it out whenever you need it, this pizza slicer also comes with a protective blade cover to keep your fingers and the sharp blade safe while in storage.

The sharp, stainless steel wheel blade makes cutting your pizza as simple as rolling it along and, because you can just keep rolling, there’s no limit to the size of the pizza you can cut with this handy pizza tool.

When you’re done slicing pizza, clean up is easy as the pizza cutter wheel is dishwasher safe. Place the cutter back into the provided blade guard and store it neatly in the drawer until your next pizza night.

Grab a pizza cutter wheel today and make pizza cutting easy.

Pizza Cutter Wheel

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