Multifunction Kitchen Scissors

Amazon's top selling kitchen scissors

Amazon's top selling kitchen scissors

  • - Tackle any kitchen cutting job - fresh chicken, cooked chicken, herbs, meat, vegetables, bones, ribs and cardboard. - Sharp stainless steel blades enable you to cut virtually anything with ease! - No more aching fingers! Soft rubberized handles and quality precision workmanship make cutting a breeze!
  • Easy To Clean And Safe Too!
  • Everyone knows that kitchen scissors that don't come apart pose a health risk - they just can't be cleaned properly! But scissors that come apart too easily are annoying and dangerous! Checkered Chef Multifunction Kitchen Scissors are specially designed to only come apart when opened all the way to 90 degrees - wider than the normal cutting range. So you can use your scissors, and clean them too!

Just some of the functions

Just some of the functions

What About All The Special Features?

- Not just a pair of scissors - this is a multifunction kitchen tool! Use as a bottle opener, fish scaler, knife or even a screwdriver! - Our super strong magnetic sheath will keep your scissors safe and within reach at all times - never lose your scissors again! - You've never made a salad this easily - simply cut the lettuce and vegetables straight into the bowl!

Can we answer your questions?

scissors open 90

Why do my scissors come apart?

These scissors come apart for easy cleaning. The scissors are designed to come apart when they are opened to approximately 90degrees, thus meaning they should not come apart while in use. If they do come apart while in use, then please contact us as the position of the centre pin may not be correct.

Are the scissors meant to be stiff to use?

Sometimes the scissors start off a bit on the stiff side to use. Try them for a few cuts for a day or so, what will most likely happen is they will loosen with a bit of use. If not, please contact us.

They aren’t razor sharp, should they be?

The scissors are deliberately not razor sharp, that is part of the design. The blades are made so they will cut through anything, right down to something as thin as paper, and continue to do so even after regular use. If the blades were razor sharp, they would go blunt pretty quickly if you were cutting something tough, then they wouldn’t be much use at all. So while appearance wise they are not as sharp as they could be, use them and you will discover they will cut just about anything in the kitchen you wish to cut.

hand in scissors

The handles seem small, aren’t I meant to get my hands into the handles to use them?

No, the scissors work best with just the ends of your fingers in the handles, that is all that is required for normal use of the scissors.

What’s the best way to wash the scissors?

Hand washing is recommended to get the longest life out of the scissors. We know of customers who regularly put them in the dishwasher with as yet no side effects, but to keep the scissors in top condition for as long as possible we recommend hand washing.

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