Extra Large Pizza Peel

Checkered Chef Extra Large Pizza Peel

Checkered Chef Extra Large Pizza Peel

  • NO MORE burned arms or dropped pies - it’s never been easier to get a pizza out of the oven or onto the grill. The thin, stainless steel paddle easily slips under pizzas and pies, much easier than thick wooden peels, and with our new, extra large pizza peel, even large, 16 inch pizzas are easy to move.
  • SO MANY USES - The perfect pizza paddle for your oven or grill - best pizza shovel for indoor and outdoor pizza ovens and as an extra large turner for barbecues. Fantastic pizza flipper or lifter for adding and removing pizzas to and from your pizza steel or pizza stone. Also useful as a baker’s peel for lifting cakes, pies and tarts.
  • EASY STORAGE - our unique foldable pizza peel has been cleverly designed with a folding handle, making the Checkered Chef Pizza Peel compact and easy to store.
  • COMFORT GRIP black rubber handle, not scratchy and splintery like wooden handles.
  • STURDY, QUALITY stainless steel construction making the Checkered Chef Pizza Peel 100% dishwasher safe.

You’ll Wonder How You Ever Managed Without It!

Whether you’re reheating a restaurant pizza, cooking a pizza from scratch or even using a store bought crust, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without the Checkered Chef Pizza Peel. Sliding a pizza in and out of an oven or barbecue would often result in burned arms or dropped pizzas. Not anymore! The sleek stainless steel paddle is thin yet sturdy enough to easily slide under whatever it is you’re creating, unlike wooden peels which are often too thick to do the job. And now, with our new extra large pizza peel, even large and family size pizzas are easily transferred to and from your pizza oven, grill, steel or stone.

- Constructed from quality stainless steel, the extra large paddle size measures 13 x 16 inches.
- With the handle fully extended, the extra large pizza peel measures 25.5 inches long, long enough to keep your hands and arms away from the heat of the oven - no more burned arms!
- The comfort grip rubber handle is cleverly designed to fold away for easy storage, or, if you prefer, the handle also includes a hole for hanging storage.

Clean up is so easy!

With quality stainless steel construction and no wooden components, the Checkered Chef Pizza Peel is very easy to hand wash or it can even be cleaned in the dishwasher! You can’t do that with a wooden peel!

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re ready for that real pizza restaurant experience at home, order yours today and start imagining all of the pizzas you are going to create.

Pizza Peel XL With Pizza

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Checkered Chef Extra Large Pizza Peel

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