Garlic Press

  • Press and crush your garlic with ease with this cleverly designed rocking garlic press. Just press the device down on the peeled garlic clove and start rocking - you’ll have minced garlic in no time!

  • Free Garlic Peeler Included! This garlic set comes with the stainless steel rocker style garlic press as well as a silicone garlic peeler and a handy cleaning brush to make sure you get every scrap of garlic.

  • Simple to Use! Put an unpeeled clove of garlic inside the silicone tube and then roll back and forth on the bench top a few times. Tip the tube up and out will fall a freshly peeled garlic clove and the peeled skin.

  • No waste! Use the free brush included to make sure you get all the garlic off the press - no more wasted garlic stuck inside the press.

  • Easy To Clean! Use the brush, rinse it clean and/or pop it in the dishwasher - this kitchen gadget is easy to clean.

Garlic Press

Garlic Press

The Easiest Garlic Press You’ll Ever Use!

So easy to use you’ll wonder why you ever tried to crush your garlic any other way!

Begin with the garlic peeler. Simply put an unpeeled clove of garlic inside the peeler and then roll it back and forth on the bench top a few times - you’ll have a perfectly peeled garlic clove in no time!

Then, place the peeled garlic clove onto a cutting board or benchtop and press the garlic press down onto it. Rock the press over the top of the garlic a few times and marvel at how easily you’ve created minced/crushed garlic!

This 3 piece garlic press set includes the stainless steel rocking garlic press, a silicone garlic peeler tube and a special cleaning brush to help you make sure you’ve got every last scrap of garlic off the press.

Once you’ve tried a rocker style garlic press you’ll never go back to a traditional squeeze style garlic press.

The perfect kitchen tool or gadget for every home and kitchen, grab yourself a garlic press today.

Garlic Press

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