Dough Scraper

  • Scraper, chopper, cutter - this all purpose baking tool has so many uses.  Portion bread dough, cut through pastry, smooth cake frosting or fondant, or even chop vegetables - you’ll find so many uses for your new dough scraper.
  • Sharper than your average scraper so it can chop as well as smooth and scrape. The Checkered Chef Dough Scraper comes professionally sharpened ready to give you a sharp edge on your frosting and chop through bread or pizza dough and pastry with ease.
  • It’s so sharp we’ve included a free cover!  To protect the sharp edge while storing (and your fingers!), simply slip the blade into the protective sheath.
  • Built to last! Solid, heavy duty, stainless steel construction to keep a straight edge with no warping, and a comfortable rubber handle to give you a good grip. Measurements (6” x 3”) engraved into the metal so they won’t wash away or fade.
  • Clean up is easy - it’s dishwasher safe! Securely box packaged for safe transit, this scraper would  make an excellent gift for that special baker or home cook in your life -  no kitchen should be without one.

Dough Scraper

Perfect for Dough

Great for Vegetables



 How many uses for your dough scraper will you find?

Whether you’re a baker or a home cook, you’ll be amazed at just how versatile this little tool can be.
The perfect baker’s companion - for lifting, turning, cutting or dividing, this scraper works your dough efficiently, portions it, transfers it and even cleans your bench!

But that’s not all it can do - use it to crumb coat a cake, smooth frosting, cut fresh pasta and curl chocolate or ice cream - the possibilities are endless, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it!

Not all dough scrapers are made equal!

Not only can we offer sturdy stainless steel construction, a comfortable rubber grip and measurements engraved into the blade, what truly separates the Checkered Chef dough scraper from others on the market is it’s sharpness. This sharp edge adds the versatility of using it as a chopper - perfect to chop and scoop - chop dough, pastry, vegetables and herbs, then scoop them up and transfer them.
It’s so sharp we’ve included a free cover! To protect the sharp edge while storing (and your fingers!), simply slip the blade into the protective sheath included.

Dishwasher safe, so clean up is a breeze and sturdy box packaging (great for gift giving) elevate this dough scraper to a cut above the rest. Order on today!




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