About Checkered Chef

When we began in 2014….

Situated in Melbourne, Australia, Checkered Chef is a family run business centered around our 12 year old son.  Our products have been inspired over time by our young “Chef's” developing interest in cooking and food preparation. Owing to his High Functioning Autism/Asperger's, our Chef likes things orderly and working well so you can be assured that any product endorsed by him won't let you down.

Checkered Chef's been busy

Checkered Chef's been busy

What started out as a home-school project quickly became so much more as our first product, our Multifunction Kitchen Scissors, rapidly became one of the best selling sets of scissors on Amazon. We now also have several other Products available on Amazon.com.

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And Now….

With over 40 kitchen products now available, the Checkered Chef brand has consistently grown over the years. We remain dedicated to sourcing and manufacturing quality kitchen products that you’ll actually use and won’t just clutter up your kitchen.

Now on home soil too! Due to the great success of using amazon.com for our sales and distribution throughout the USA, it made sense to also make our Checkered Chef products available in our home country of Australia when amazon.com.au began in 2017. Fortunately Australians have embraced our brand too and many of our products consistently appear in the Amazon Best Sellers lists.

Still a family run company, our “Checkered Chef” is still greatly involved in the day to day running of the business, although now he is out of the kitchen and using his talents as an IT specialist managing the website and tech support.

Cheering for home cooks around the world and doing our bit to make your life easier in the kitchen, check out our Checkered Chef kitchen products today!