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The Best Salad Chopper For Making Chopped Salad At Home

If you ever get bored of regular old, traditional salads, it’s time to brighten up your salads by turning them into chopped salads! Nothing beats a chopped salad to make you feel good and virtuous for eating lots of veggies all at once – and they taste great too! It’s a quick, easy and delicious way to make sure you’re getting your daily dose of vegetables!

What Is A Chopped Salad?

While some people might find it odd that we need to explain this, chopped salads are not really a “thing” all over the world. In the USA Subway, Outback Steakhouse and The Cheesecake Factory are just some of the many restaurants and fast food outlets who have added chopped salads to their menus, but they’re not really as well known around the rest of the world.

Chopped salads are just like regular salads except that all of the salad ingredients are chopped. Having all of the ingredients chopped into small pieces means that, when you eat a chopped salad, you get a taste of all of the ingredients combined as well as the dressing in every mouthful, so it’s a really flavorful and tasty way to eat a salad.

best mezzaluna for chopped salads

The good news is, while chopped salads can be quite expensive to buy from salad bars and restaurants, they’re actually really quick and easy to make at home and you can use whatever ingredients you like. In fact you can turn almost any type of salad into a chopped salad.

Greek salad, Caesar salad, Italian, Mexican, Asian – use whatever ingredients you have and whatever flavors you like to make your own delicious chopped salads at home.

So, How Do You Make A Chopped Salad At Home?

I’m glad you asked! It’s easy! All you need is your favorite salad ingredients, a large deep bowl and the famous Checkered Chef Double Blade Salad Chopper.

  • 1.  Choose a large, deep bowl to make your salad in. Plastic or wood works best for this as you need to allow the blades of the salad chopper to cut into the surface a bit. If the bowl is made from ceramic, glass or stainless steel you’ll blunt the chopper blades very quickly and probably scratch or damage your bowl.


  • 2.  Add your ingredients to the bowl. Usually you’ll want some type of lettuce as your salad base – use whichever type you like best romaine, cos, iceberg or even arugula/rocket. Then add anything else that takes your fancy: cucumber, pepper/capsicum, onion, cheese, blue cheese, antipasto like olives and sundried tomatoes, cooked chicken pieces, cooked bacon pieces – whatever you feel like in your chopped salad.


  • 3.  Remove the protective covers from the salad chopper blades. Hold the chopper in the bowl and start rocking and chopping.


  • 4.  Turn the bowl around as you go and give the ingredients a shake about a couple of times to make sure everything is getting chopped.


  • 5.  Once chopped enough to your liking (the beauty of homemade chopped salad is you get to choose how much to chop it) add whatever type of salad dressing you think would suit your salad.


  • 6.  Serve and enjoy!

Here’s a quick video that shows you just how easy it is to make a chopped salad at home with the Checkered Chef Salad Chopper.


There really is no limit to the types of chopped salads you can make and, using the Checkered Chef mezzaluna style salad chopper makes chopping chopped salad a breeze! You’ll find chopped salads to be so quick, easy, delicious and tasty that you’ll probably start eating salad a lot more often – and that’s got to be good for your health!

So, grab yourself a salad chopper today and start enjoying a delicious, healthy chopped salad everyday!