Half Sheet Pan Desserts

Half Sheet Pan Desserts

We all know the value of a good half sheet pan in the kitchen – baking cookies, sheet pan dinners, roasting vegetables, you name it, your half sheet pan/cookie sheet/baking tray/oven pan (whatever you want to call it!) has got you covered. But, have you ever thought about using your half sheet pan to make half sheet pan desserts?

It’s true! This versatile piece of kitchen equipment can now be the hero of the dessert buffet! Perfect for making sheet pan desserts for a crowd, here are some of our favorite uses and suggestions for using your Checkered Chef Half Sheet Pan or your Stainless Steel Half Sheet Pan.

Best Sheet Pan Desserts

best sheet pan desserts

8 Desserts In 1 Sheet Tray

Trying to please everyone and make desserts that everyone will love? Featuring 8 different desserts all cooked in one sheet pan, this recipe from Tasty is sure to be a crowd-pleaser – and you’ll look like a genius too! Featuring brownies, cheesecake, and apple pie, just to name a few, impress your friends and family with this amazing dessert.

Cheesecake In A Sheet Pan

cheesecake in a sheet pan

Yes, you can make cheesecake in your sheet pan! If you’re looking to make enough cheesecake to feed a crowd or want to cut your cheesecake into cheesecake bars, here are some great recipes to try:

Cookie Sheet Apple Pie

sheet pan apple pie

For a quick and easy apple pie you can’t go past our Easy Sheet Pan Apple Pie but, if you’re looking for a larger apple pie made in a half sheet pan, you need to try this one from Brown Eyed Baker.

Sheet Pan Apple Crumble

Sticking with the apple theme, if you’re after a crumble rather than a pie, try this recipe from Food Network.

Sheet Pan Peach Pie

For a peachy dessert, this peach slab pie from I Wash You Dry is perfect for making in your half sheet pan.

Half Sheet Pan Four Flavor Cobbler

Got a hankering for some cobbler but can’t decide which flavor to make? Your half sheet pan has got you covered! Make this four flavor cobbler so everybody can have their favorite cobbler all at once!

Sheet Pan Fruit Pizza

For a light and fresh dessert, try making this sheet pan fruit pizza in your half sheet pan – it’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Sheet Pan Lemon Bars

sheet pan lemon bars

For enough lemon bars to feed a huge crowd, make them in your half sheet pan! This recipe shows you how.

Sheet Pan Brownies

Sheet Pan Brownies

For chewy brownies, and plenty of them, try making your next batch of brownies in your half sheet pan. There’s our recipe for sheet pan brownies or check out this one from Six Sisters Stuff.

Half Sheet Pan Cakes

half sheet pan cakes

Half sheet pan cakes are great when you want plenty of slices of thin cake covered in frosting or icing. They can look really pretty and are a great way to serve a large group of cake eaters! Here are some of the best recipes for half sheet pan cakes:

This vanilla sheet cake from Life Love and Sugar looks so pretty!

Or there’s this white texas sheet cake from Six Sisters Stuff which also looks amazing.

If you’re really trying to impress, this flag cake from Food Network would be hard to beat at any 4th of July party!

If it’s a chocolate cake you’re after, you’ll want to try this sheet pan cake from Tastes Better From Scratch.

Sheet pan desserts are perfect for when you’re catering for a crowd or trying to cook a variety of different flavors or desserts all at once.

Here we’ve collated the best sheet pan recipes we’ve come across for using your half sheet pans but, we’ve really only just begun – there are thousands of recipes out there for you to try cooking in your sheet pans. Pick something you’d like to try, give it a go and let us know how it went.

If you find a sheet pan dessert recipe that works well in your half sheet pan, let us know and we’ll add it to our list of the best half sheet pan desserts.