Cooling Rack

The Best Cooling Racks (According To America’s Test Kitchen)

Here at Checkered Chef we’ve always known our cooling racks are up there with the best on the market. We made them that way! When our cooling rack was originally developed we set out to design and create a cooling rack that was strong and durable, versatile and affordable too.  

We did all this by incorporating quite a few elements:

Cooling Rack

Cooling Rack

  • We made our racks 100% stainless steel with no artificial coatings. This means that our racks can be used not only for cooling but for baking too as they are 100% oven proof.
  • We made them to fit inside a standard sized half sheet pan. We knew that our customers wanted to cook crispy chicken wings and bake bacon in the oven using a rack that would insert inside their half sheet pans, so we made ours just the right size.
  • Baking can get messy and we knew our customers would want an easy way to clean up so we made sure our racks were dishwasher safe.
  • We knew people were sick of cooling racks that warp and twist and just don’t sit flat, so we incorporated our unique strengthening crossbar to run through our racks and prevent warping.

Everything we did in the development and creation of our cooling racks, we did with our customers in mind. And our customers love them! Check out the reviews on - over 700 people agree our racks are pretty special!

While we know, and our customers know that our cooling racks are the best, sometimes it’s nice to get recognition from the best of the best, which is why we’re very excited to announce that America’s Test Kitchen has declared our cooling racks as the winner for the title of Best Cooling Rack!

It’s Official! America’s Test Kitchen love our racks!

If you’re familiar with America’s Test Kitchen you’ll realize what an honor this is for us. This is not just an award handed out to products willy nilly, this title is earned through rigorous testing. To find out more about how all the cooling racks were tested and why the ultimate decision was made, you can read about the testing process here.

Baking Cooling Rack

Our cooling rack is called a cooling rack because that’s what most people know it as but it should probably more correctly be named a Baking Cooling Rack as its versatility lends it to both baking and cooling. And yet still, despite us trying to make it very clear in any advertised product description, we commonly get asked the question:

Can cooling racks go in the oven?Oven Baked Bacon

While it may not be true of all cooling racks, if you have a Checkered Chef cooling rack the answer is a resounding “Yes”!   

It was designed that way - it is completely oven proof or oven safe. Being constructed from stainless steel there is not even any restriction to the temperature it can withstand as it will manage fine at any temperatures a normal household oven could achieve.

It has been designed to fit perfectly into a standard half sheet pan, if you don’t have a half sheet pan you might prefer to buy our pan and rack set that way you’ll know that they will work perfectly together.

Cooking or cooling, the choice is yours!

Available as a single rack, twin pack or as part of the rack and pan set.

Cooling Rack

Baking Cooling Racks

Baking Tray With Grill Rack

Whether you’re looking for a cake or cookie cooling rack or a baking cooling rack for cooking in your oven you’d be crazy not to take a look at the Checkered Chef Cooling Rack, winner of Best Cooling Rack from America’s Test Kitchen, hugely popular on Amazon and overall just a really nice rack!