8 Things You Never Thought To Do With Your Kitchen Scissors

8 Things You Never Thought To Do With Your Kitchen Scissors



Are you getting the most out of your kitchen scissors?

If you're like most people, you probably just use them to cut open packets, but, there are so many more uses for your shears, especially if you have multifunction ones like Checkered Chef Multifunction Kitchen Scissors.

Here are 8 examples of things you might not have thought to use them for:





  1. Cut up bacon!  Whether it be trimming off the fat or cutting into small pieces to add to pasta or pizza or baked potatoes, the job is so much easier with your scissors.

Cut up Bacon





 2. Cut fresh herbs.  You don’t need fancy herb scissors for this - any kitchen shears will do the job - cut straight into the bowl so you don’t leave any leftovers behind on the cutting board.




3. Cut up a chicken.  Raw or cooked your kitchen shears can really save you time when cutting up chicken - much faster than with the traditional knife and board.


cutting friute




4. Cut up dried fruit - whether it be dates for a sticky date pudding or dried apricots for your fruit cake, the job is much faster and neater with your kitchen scissors.



5. Cut pastry to size - pre-cooked or freshly made, pastry can easily be cut to the required size using your kitchen scissors.

scissors cutting pastry

crust off bread




6. Cut the crust off bread!  Got a fussy eater?  Or just trying something fancy?  Cutting the crust off bread has never been so easy.

cut icing

7. Cake decorating!  Your kitchen scissors can be your best friend when you need to cut fiddly bits for your cake or cupcake creations.  Use your scissors to neatly trim the edges of rolled ready made or fondant icing, or use them for snipping marshmallows  to create beautiful flower petals.

marsh mellows

Loosening a lid


8. And, finally, check your scissors to see if they have other functions.  Most well made kitchen shears have at least 1 or 2 other functions such as bottle opener or nut cracker - make sure you are getting the most out of your shears.

Use as bottle opener

The more you use your kitchen scissors, the more uses you will discover for them.  If your shears aren't up to scratch or if you're just in the market for some new ones, click here to buy Amazon's best selling pair of multifunction kitchen scissors.