Quarter Sheet Baking/Cooling Rack And Tray


  • The perfect size for Sheet Pan Suppers for two, our Quarter Sheet Set measures 24 x 33cm. This baking pan with rack set will also fit into some large toaster ovens.


  • The Pan: Sick of burnt bottoms on your baked goods? The sturdy, aluminium construction of the Checkered Chef Quarter Sheet Pan gives it superior heat conductivity resulting in even baking with no burnt bottoms. No sharp edges on this cookie baking sheet! The reinforced, rolled rimmed edge is smooth and safe and provides extra strength to help prevent warping.


Sometimes Size Does Matter!

Whether you’re looking to cook sheet pan dinners for 2 or a couple of rashers of bacon and some hash browns, the quarter sheet pan is the perfect size. Great for small ovens such as benchtop or caravan ovens, or just when a half sheet pan is too big for the job.

The sturdy aluminium pan measures 24 x 33cm with the silicone baking mat measured perfectly to fit inside. The stainless steel cooling/baking rack measures 20 x 30cm and is deliberately designed to allow a finger width of room between the rack and the pan to allow for easy removal.

Use them together or use them apart.

Your new quarter sheet pan is perfect for a small batch of cookies or a small sheet cake and the bonus silicone baking mat means you won’t need to grease it or use baking paper because it’s non-stick! And when you’re finished baking, your cooling rack is the perfect place to cool those cookies and cakes, with our perfectly spaced grid pattern that optimises air flow and won’t let your treats fall through.

The cooling rack is 100% stainless steel with no coatings or treatments so it’s 100% oven safe and easy to clean – you can even put it in the dishwasher! The pan is made from sturdy aluminium to give the best heat transfer so your baked goods rise and bake evenly. The pan is not dishwasher safe but is very easy to hand wash, especially when the bonus silicone liner has been used during cooking.

Packaged securely together in a box to ensure no dents or scratches occur during transit, this set would make a terrific housewarming or wedding gift. Every house needs a set like this. Click the Add To Cart button above to grab a set today for that special baker or home cook in your life, because good things come to those who bake!

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