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Checkered Chef Ceramic Knife Set, 4 Knives With Stand & Stainless Steel Scissors

Checkered Chef Ceramic Knife Set includes 4 Ceramic Knives,  a sleek and stylish black and silver knife holder and a bonus pair of Checkered Chef stainless steel scissors!

No need to sharpen!  Ceramic knives retain their sharp cutting edge much longer than forged metal knives saving you time and money as you won’t need to sharpen them.


Comfortable to hold and safer to use!  Checkered Chef comfort-grip handles are ergonomically designed for supreme comfort while using.  Not only that – our handles are uniquely designed to extend below the base of the blades to protect your fingers from sharp corners.


Have you tried ceramic knives yet?  If not, you’ll be amazed at just how easily these amazing knives effortlessly slice through anything in a way that most traditional knives do not, making them perfect for beginners and seasoned cooks alike.

You’ve probably heard by now that ceramic knives stay sharp forever – imagine that – never having to sharpen your knives again!

So, what makes the Checkered Chef Ceramic Knife Set the perfect addition to your kitchen?

Is it our uniquely designed comfort-grip handles which have been ergonomically designed to reduce cutting fatigue?

Is it our incredibly sharp blades, created from an advanced high-tech ceramic called zirconium oxide?

Maybe it’s the sleek and stylish holder that keeps your knives on the bench right where you need them?

Or maybe it’s the added bonus of the free stainless steel scissors included with the set?

Whatever your reasons for choosing this set today, we know you will be glad you discovered these remarkable knives.

Economically speaking it’s a no-brainer – a stainless steel set at this price would be dull and prone to rusting while a top quality set would cost hundreds.  Ceramic knives offer a more affordable option giving top quality sharpness at a great price.

You’re getting 4 ceramic knives with blades of 15cm (6”), 13cm (5”), 10cm (4”) and 7.5cm (3”) as well as the holder and the scissors – all for this incredible price!


Proudly Australian owned, Checkered Chef (based in Melbourne), has quickly become a very popular brand of kitchen products on Amazon in the USA and are excited, finally, to now have stock here in Australia where the concept first began.

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