Ceramic Knife Set

The Ultimate Knife Set for Kitchen Health and Safety!




  •  The healthier way to cut! Ceramic blades do not corrode or rust, and resist bacteria, making them a healthier and more hygienic choice.


  •  No need to sharpen! Ceramic knives retain their sharp cutting edge much longer, saving you time and money as you won't need to sharpen them.


  • Extremely sharp blades for precision cutting - slice through tomatoes with ease! Ceramic blades are impervious to acids, juices, oils and salts, leaving no metallic taste or odor, and helping to maintain the freshness of your food.


comparison of handles with words

Our Ceramic Knives are comfortable to hold and safer to use! Our comfort-grip handles are ergonomically designed to maximise comfort and  make cutting fatigue a thing of the past. Uniquely designed to extend below the base of the blades to protect your fingers from sharp corners.
Watch out for ceramic knives that leave the corner of the blade exposed - dangerous for your fingers and the blade!



Checkered Chef Ceramic Knives are perfect for fine slicing of fruits and vegetables as they do not react with food acids, keeping your food safe from oxidation and bacteria for longer. knife and tomatoes
Ever found rust on your knife blade? Yuck! Checkered Chef Ceramic Knives do not rust - ever!


Perfect for delicate cutting, ceramic blades are incredibly strong, but not flexible which means they are NOT suitable for prying, boning or cutting frozen foods - to do so may chip or break the blade. But, you can't beat a ceramic blade for precision cutting of fruit and vegetables.


3D box of Knife set All packaged in a protective gift box making this set perfect for housewarming/wedding/engagement presents - a must have for every kitchen. Checkered Chef Ceramic Knife Set includes 4 ceramic knives (6", 5", 4" and 3"), a sleek and stylish black and silver knife holder, to compliment any kitchen decor, and a bonus pair of stainless steel scissors!


All packaged in a protective gift box making this set perfect for housewarming/wedding/engagement presents- a must have for every kitchen.

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